Snack n’ Chat w/ Dietitian Joy Benjamin RDN, LD

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We would like to send a huge thank you to Joy Benjamin and everyone who joined us this afternoon for our 2nd Snack n’ Chat!

Joy shared a ton of helpful diet and nutritional tips with our members! Some of the main topic’s discussed today were..

  • How to Calculate Your Daily Caloric Intake
  • Daily Calcium Requirements
  • Calcium Rich Foods for Bone Health
  • H20 Requirements

Next months topic: Essential Oils!

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Reversing Osteoporosis with OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong Success Story – Katherine Reese – Age 57

Katherine was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in her spine, her bone scan revealed she had a T-Score of -4. Concerned and worried about her condition Katherine met with her doctor to discuss her options. Her doctor recommended that she be put on prescription medication which would hopefully reverse her severe osteoporosis.  After a year of being on prescription medication Katherine returned to her doctor to recieve yet another bone scan, but still there was no improvement.

Then in 2011 Katherine signed up with Osteostrong. After just 12 months of being with OsteoStrong Katherine’s T-Score in her spine went from -4 to -2.4!!! In just one year Osteostrong helped Katherine improve her bone density and reverse her osteoporosis. Katherine’s spine is no longer in osteoporosis!  No drugs or no prescription medication necessary! Just one 15 minute session per week! How does that sound?

Don’t believe us – check it out below..

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