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A New Scientific Breakthrough for Strength, Balance and Bone Density

Research Shows: Ten-minute weekly sessions provide measurable results.

Improving vitality and strength after the age of 30 can be a challenge for many of us. The older and busier we get, the harder it can be to find the time and motivation to do the things we need to keep us fit and healthy. We’re often told that the best we hope for is to slow the muscular atrophy and bone loss that comes with aging through rigorous daily and a healthy diet. But what if there were a technology that not only slowed bone loss and muscular atrophy but actually started to reverse it? And what if the only “side effects” of this technology were increased strength, improved balance and agility, and increased vitality for people of nearly any age? Best of all, what if we could achieve these benefits with just a few minutes of effort per week? Would you settle for “slowing” the results of aging, or would you want – even demand – more from the limited time you have to stay healthy and fit? Would you like to learn more?

Most of us don’t want to settle, if we have the choice. We’d want to learn about such a technology, and even experience it ourselves. Great news. The technology actually exists. We do have a choice. And we can see, experience, and learn more about it during a complimentary visit.

“ I’m here because I’m a user and …and I want more people to have this, and I think this model can actually change lives.” -Tony Robbins

tony-with-os-owners(World-famous speaker, bestselling author, philanthropist, and business leader Tony Robbins with OsteoStrong’s leadership and franchise owners.)

The Science and Research Behind OsteoStrong

It’s called OsteoStrong. The technology behind it is grounded in science, proven by research, and backed by real-world results. Recent research shows that traditional exercise isn’t nearly as effective at strengthening bones as previously believed. A 2012 peer-reviewed, independent study found that for people to grow bone faster than they lose it, they must engage in high levels of “osteogenic loading,” a fancy term for activity that promotes bone growth. Specifically, this research found, resistance or impact of at least 4.2 times one’s body weight is the minimum level required to stimulate significant bone growth. This research surprised many, because it had been assumed for decades that simply increasing weight on the skeletal system would increase bone strength. For those concerned about osteoporosis, they likely have heard that they need to do strength training of some sort to strengthen bones. Did you ever think you would have to experience 4.2 times your body weight?! Do you even think you could? For a 150 pound person, that would mean squatting over 600 pounds.

Research suggests that “if you’re not absorbing 4.2 multiples of the body weight, you’re not triggering bone growth.” -Dr. John Jaquish

OsteoStrong doesn’t just strengthen bones. It also strengthens muscles. You see, osteogenic loading triggers a different kind of muscle development than conventional exercise. OsteoStrong’s technology strengthens muscles by increasing “myofibril” density within muscle cells in a way that conventional bodyweight training and weight lifting typically do not. This “denser” muscle is stronger muscle, but not bulkier muscle. OsteoStrong’s process also has been shown to improve balance over time.

Biomedical Engineer Dr. Jaquish Develops A Device To Help Reverse His Mother’s Osteoporosis.

So, what’s the story behind OsteoStrong? This life-changing technology was created by Dr. John Jaquish, a biomedical engineer, who has developed or helped develop a number of devices and holds numerous patents. He created the OsteoStrong technology because his own mother been diagnosed with osteoporosis and he was searching for a natural solution for her. The device triggers brief osteogenic events that stimulate new bone and muscle tissue growth. Osteogenic loading, when done properly, can improve bone density, muscle strength and balance in staggering ways. The results are measured by precise sensors and tracked. Our members can see how much stronger they are getting with each week, and can determine whether they are hitting the all-important 4.2 times bodyweight figure necessary to strengthen bones.

And Dr. Jaquish’s mother? According to Dr. Jaquish, his mother actually reversed her osteoporosis to the point that she had regained the bone density of a woman in her 30s after consistent, regular use. A recent published, peer-reviewed case study showed that users of the system increased bone mineral density (BMD) by over 14% in the hip and 16% in the spine after 24 weeks of use.

In a 2015 peer-reviewed study published in the journal Osteoporosis & Physical Activity, test subjects using osteogenic loading for 24 weeks increased hip BMD by 14.9% and spine BMD by 16.6% from baseline.

Because of the incredible promise of Dr. Jaquish’s devices are now found throughout the country, in nearly 30 OsteoStrong centers, including five right here in Ohio.

Because of the incredible promise of this technology to improve lives, it’s not surprising that renowned business leader, speaker, bestselling author, and philanthropist Tony Robbins has taken a keen interest in OsteoStrong. Tony Robbins is also committed to good health and fitness, and he has personally experienced and used this system to improve his health.

At 57 years old, Tony says he’s in the best shape of his life after using the system. And he’s so impressed that he recently partnered with OsteoStrong and will be opening three centers of his own. He sees it becoming a global phenomenon with the potential improve and dramatically improve the lives of people throughout the world!

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Vitamin Supplements

Excerpts from “Dr. Mercola – Premium Products”

“It’s estimated that nearly half of all Americans over age 50 may be at risk with their bone health. And countless others of all ages are not getting sufficient bone-building nutrients in their diets and the physical activity needed for bones strong enough to last a lifetime” (Dr. Mercola).

Bone is a living substance containing blood vessels, nerves, and two types of cells. The first type of cell is Osteoblasts, cells that build your bones. The second is Osteoclasts, cells that break down old or damaged bone to make room for new bone. If you regrow bone at a faster rate than you lose bone, you will maintain healthy bones.

While diet and exercise are extremely important to bone health, those activities alone are not enough to regrow bone. In addition to diet and exercise, supplements can also be a useful tool in the fight against bone health. Calcium, along with Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 can support bone growth and a healthy lifestyle.

Read the full article (  

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Source: Dr. Mercola

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Don’t Let Age Slow You Down

One of our goals is to live the best quality of life we can as we age.  At OsteoStrong, we want you to enjoy a pain-free, healthy, active life. While it’s true that everyone eventually feels the effects of bone and muscle loss after age 30, you should not have to sacrifice the activities you love.  Walking, hiking, fishing, biking, and especially being able to play with your grandchildren are all activities you should be able to enjoy.

Your bones, muscles, and balance weaken as you age, but don’t let that stop you!

At Osteostrong, we want to slow down and eventually reverse this process. It’s not exercise, in fact exercise does not increase bone density, it only increases muscle strength (learn more here: We are not a gym, and the activities you perform at OsteoStrong won’t even make you break a sweat.  During your 5-10 minute session, you will perform events on patented technology that provide real results. In a case study of post-menopausal women conducted with the United Kingdom National Health Services, participants increased the bone density of their hip and spine by an average of 14.9% and 16.6%, respectively, after just 6 months of once-weekly osteogenic-loading sessions (link to full study below).


“It feels good. When I come in here, I come prepared to go shopping or go to the grocery store or whatever. I just get on the machine at the OsteoStrong center and do what I have to do, and then go about my business when I leave. It’s real easy and real nice. I don’t mind it, and in fact I look forward to it.”

“I went to a gym when I was in my 20’s, and you get hot and get sweaty. You’d spend an hour at the gym. And I feel like I got a lot better results here than I did when I was at a gym when I was in my 20’s.”

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Case Study:





Osteoporosis Solutions: All Natural vs Medication

OsteoStrong – The All Natural Osteoporosis Solution

Osteoporosis affects millions of people and while medication is readily available, some can cause negative side effects. The chart above displays some of the negative effects that can be caused by some of the most popular osteoporosis medication. Two of the most popular medications, Fosomax and Boniva can cause side effects like nausea and stomach pain. Some medications also have many requirements that need to be met before consuming, like calcium levels and staying upright. With so many possible side effects, why not consider an all natural solution?

At OsteoStrong, there is no need for any medication at all. OsteoStrong uses patented technology and process to ensure you see results. One 5-10 minute session per week can help you increase your bone density, increase muscle strength, improve balance, and reduce back and joint pain. During your visit to OsteoStrong, you will perform “trigger events” on patented equipment monitored by a trained physician. The events performed trigger bone growth by delivering the precise stimulus needed to activate your body’s natural adaptive responses. People using the OsteoStrong system (who have had bone DEXA scans within 12 months) have shown a 4 to 12% increase in bone density without the aid of medication.

With OsteoStrong, there are no negative side effects like stomach pain, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and flu like symptoms. Most medications only stop bone loss, but that is only half of the equation. Our process can stop bone loss and trigger bone growth.

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Bone Health: Exercise is Not Enough

A recent clinical study showed for an individual to trigger osteogenesis (bone regrowth), that individual must place 4.2X their body weight onto their legs and spine.

The study included around 1,000 adolescent subjects (mean age 17.7 years old). Researchers performed a cross-sectional analysis between physical activity and hip bone mineral density from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), while partitioning outputs from a NEWTEST accelerometer into six different impact groups. The accelerometer monitors daily exercise, everyday physical activity, and overall bone health related to the exercise.

The results showed that subjects that exceeded 4.2X MOB (Multiples of Bodyweight) saw an increase in their bone density. Individuals who saw impacts greater than 4.2X MOB saw an even greater increase in bone density. The pressure was measured in subject’s lower extremities: Hips and Lumbar. A person achieveing under 4.2X MOB, even if done repeatedly, will not experience an increase in bone density in their hips and lumbar region. However, if a person achieves more 4.2X MOB even once will trigger osteogenesis.

Why It Matters

If you want to increase your bone density, whether you have osteoporosis or desire healthier bones, you need to be placing 4.2X your bodyweight on your legs and spine. Exercise will increase muscle size and strength, but it will not increase bone density. For example, a person going to the gym doing leg presses of 100 pounds may increase muscle strength, but because it is not more than 4.2X MOB it will not help with bone strength and reversing the impact of bone loss. Simply put, exercise and weightlifting is not enough.

At OsteoStrong, members often experience MOB in the range of 7X to 10X through OsteoStrong’s patented technology and process. A study published in 2015 (Basil, H. Jaquish, J. PhD. 2015) using the OsteoStrong experience saw an average of 14% increase in bone density within 6 months of 5-10 minute sessions (2015 study above).

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OsteoStrong is the all natural osteoporosis solution. Just one 10 minute session a week is all you need to prevent and reverse the effects of Osteoporosis. Visit the schedule page to schedule today!

Source: Kevin Deere, Adrian Sayers, Jörn Rittweger, and Jon H Tobias, 2012. Habitual Levels of High, But Not Moderate or Low, Impact Activity Are Positively Related to Hip BMD and Geometry: Results From a Population-Based Study of Adolescents. Journal of Medical Bone Research (JBMR).


What is Osteoporosis and what are some of the causes?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue. Bone is a living tissue and is in a constant state of renewal, meaning that new bone is being made while old bone is broken down. When you are younger, your bone mass increases because your body can sustainably renew bone. Most individuals reach their peak bone mass by their early 20s and as you age, your bone begins to weaken which can lead to osteoporosis.

Here are some of the risk factors and causes:

  • Age – The older you are, the greater your risk of developing osteoporosis
  • Sex – Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis
  • Family History – A parent or sibling with osteoporosis puts you at a greater risk

Because your bone is weaker, several complications can occur like bone fractures leading to pain and soreness. The most serious fractures can happen in the spine or hip often caused from a fall. Sometimes the vertebrae in your spine weaken causing back pain and poor posture. Osteoporosis can also lead to joint pain in your knees and other areas of high impact.

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Source: Mayo Clinic.

What is OsteoStrong?

Would you like a stronger body and stronger bones?

Would you like improved stamina and agility?

Would you like to play better golf, tennis, hike, and not feel so sore afterwards?

OsteoStrong can help. OsteoStrong is not a gym but will help you increase your strength, balance, and agility. One 5-10 minute session per week is all it takes to achieve results. Your weekly session will involve performing specialized activates with a trained technician that trigger your body to increase its bone density. The best part is no sweat or pain!

How does it work?

While it may sound too good to be true, OsteoStrong is backed by scientific studies and medical experts. When we are younger, our body makes muscle fibers, but that stops around age 18. Working out at the gym and lifting weights builds muscles. This type of activity makes your muscles bigger and creates soreness, but this does not mean your muscles are stronger.

Through OsteoStrong’s patented technology and program you can expect to get stronger muscles, not bigger muscles all without the pain of working out.

Who will this help?

  • Seniors
  • Athletes
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Anyone of any age
  • People with Osteoporosis and others who want to keep their bones healthy and strong

What will it help?

  • Increase bone density with the goal of reducing the effects of Osteoporosis
  • Balance and agility
  • Back and Joint Pain

How do I start?

Schedule a free visit and session at OsteoStrong Green – 1840 Town Park Blvd j Uniontown, OH 44685 by following the link below.

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Hopefully we see you soon.

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