Osteogenic Loading and T2Diabetes – Simplified


Structural fatigue of a cell instead of fuel fatigue:

With conventional resistance exercise, individuals fatigue muscle cells based on the fuel available and the rate of use. As the fuel of the muscle is used (ATP, Glycogen, and Creatine Phosphate in that order), the nervous system sees a need to replace these fuels.  If the use was rapid, the body may respond to store more than there was before.  OL is different.  When an individual does an OL session, the fatigue is NOT fuel related. Rather, it fatigues the structure of the muscle cell. As the contraction continues, the nervous system sees the structure deficit, thereby stimulating a structural adaptation that begins to build new myofibrils. New structure in the muscle creates new insulin receptors and this lowers resting blood glucose levels and improves the condition of an individual with metabolic disease (preT2 or T2Db).




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